Watch The Musical Cast Of Supergirl Recap Season 2 In Song

Watch Musical Cast Supergirl Recap Season 2 Song

Last year, the delightful cast of Supergirl surprised MTV News at San Diego Comic-Con with an incredible recap of Season 1 — in song .

Needless to say, when the cast stopped by our studio this year, they came prepared with a Season 2 song. This time around, they really put in the work. From the harmonies to Mehcad Brooks's beatboxing to Jeremy Jordan's confident vocal lead, and Chris Wood's solo debut, the cast of Supergirl is truly superhuman.

Watch as Jordan, Wood, Brooks, Melissa Benoist, David Harewood, Katie McGrath, and Season 3 newcomer Odette Annable show off their vocal pipes with a lovely Season 2 recap in song:

When I die, I hope this is the first thing I hear in the afterlife: 'Daxam, Daxam! We live in a cool place. You wanna have a good time? Come on over to my place.'

Unfortunately, we have to wait until Monday, October 9, 2017 for new episodes of Supergirl , but hopefully this magic makes the wait slightly more bearable.

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