Watch President Obama Sing Drake’s 'Hotline Bling'

Watch President Obama Sing Drake Shotline Bling

President Obama ’s singing viral videos have become so popular over the course of his presidency that there’s a whole YouTube account — Barack’s Dubs — dedicated to them.

The latest from the YouTube channel is a rendition of Drake ’s Hotline Bling. While President Obama looks on with a serious face in the clip, he delivers a hilarious take on the huge Drizzy single with the help of technology.

YouTube/ Barack's Dubs

As you can see above, the folks at Barack’s Dubs even got President Obama to dance like Drizzy in this parody vid. Shoutout to technology!

YouTube/ Barack's Dubs YouTube/ Barack's Dubs

Here's the full vid:

And if you're interested in more clips from the singing Prez, here are a few more from 2015: