Watch Prince Eric From The Little Mermaid And Dimitri From Anastasia Fall In Love

Watch Prince Eric From Little Mermaid

Animation has the incredible ability to give voices to often marginalized characters. While studios like Disney have championed more inclusive storytelling in recent years, we have yet to see a same-sex fairytale romance capture the imaginations and hearts of its audience. And frankly, that's disappointing.

Enter The Nameless Doll , a Swedish-Finnish film student known for her powerful manips of animated classics . Her latest fanvid, ' You Are My Spouse Now ,' imagines if Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid and Dimitri from Anastasia fell in love and shared a life together. (Since Eric is from Disney and Dimitri is from 20th Century Fox, their love story is already a bit of a ~ forbidden romance ~.)

The story is absolutely gut-wrenching for its beauty and pathos. Expertly weaving clips from both films, while simultaneously creating beautiful manipulations, the video follows Eric and Dimitri's decades-spanning romance from meet-cute, to first dance, first daughter and that gut-wrenching first fear of heartbreaking loss.

It's impossible not to cry when Dimitri, a photographer, asks the handsome, yet shy, raven-haired Eric to dance at the stage actor's after party.

Then it cuts to this breathtaking montage:

And then you realize that Eric and Dimitri's two daughters are actually Lilo from Lilo and Stitch and young Jane from Return to Neverland , and you literally squeal at your computer screen. LOOK AT HOW CUTE THIS FAMILY IS:

We need more happily ever afters like Eric and Dimitri's. Hollywood, make it happen already.

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