Watch Shawn Mendes Bring Sweet, Beautiful Music To 'The 100'

Watch Shawn Mendes Bring Sweet

Ellie Bamber e Shawn Mendes

Usually on The CW's groundbreaking sci-fi hit ' The 100 ,' the only music we get to hear is the series' heart-pumping soundtrack -- because the characters live in a dystopian scorched earth, and are too busy fighting tribes of Grounders, Ice Nation, and Mountain Men to search through the rubble for iPods.

However, now that Shawn Mendes has joined the Sky People for the show's January 21 Season 3 premiere, sweet, glorious music has finally come to enrich the lives of Raven (Lindsey Morgan), Abby (Paige Turco), and the rest of the lot lucky enough to be there for Mendes' soulful rendition of the Violent Femmes' 'Add It Up.' Mendes joined the show after he tweeted the writers and asked for a role, which is awesome, and also totally didn't work when I tried it.

Check out the newly released video of his performance below:

That should be enough to convince Clarke (Eliza Taylor) to rejoin the Sky People, right? Find out on January 21, because MTV News has screened the first four episodes and they're pretty freaking awesome. You're welcome .