Watch This Guy Jam Out On A Recorder -- Yep, The Same One You Played In Third Grade

Watch This Guy Jam Out Recorder Yep

minnie motorista fantasma da ópera

Since the beginning of time -- OK, not really, but it seems like it -- music teachers have bestowed their wide-eyed, eager-to-learn elementary school students with the gift of music ... in the form of plastic recorders. The instrument was one step up from a triangle but significantly less complicated than an actual flute.

Back in our ✨youth✨, we drove our parents crazy with our off-key 'Hot Cross Buns' rendition. Turns out that plastic recorder can do a whole lot more than a three-note song. Residents have spotted a man in Pasadena, California rocking out on the instrument while stuck in traffic. Check out his intense jam sesh, uploaded by YouTube user Colby , to ZZ Top’s 'La Grange' below:

We don't know which part of the vid is our favorite, the head-banging or the cop car that casually drives by like a dude playing the recorder behind the wheel is NBD. According to Reddit comments , this recorder prodigy performs on the regular, so we can only hope that more videos like this emerge in the future.

(Side note: Don't play and instrument and drive. That's bad news bears, guys.)