Watch This Woman Boob-Twerk To 'Jingle Bells'

Watch This Woman Boob Twerk Tojingle Bells

In a new video called A Very Sara Xmas, model Sara X gifts the World Wide Web with another boob-twerking clip -- this time with a Christmas theme that's both timely and festive.

Set to the music of the classic holiday song, Jingle Bells, the festively dressed Sara, who is covered in tattoos, makes her, um, ornaments bounce along to the beat as she wears the jolliest facial expression ever.

This was the third take and my muscles were tired so cut me a little slack ;), wrote Sara, who just a few months ago moved to Mozart . No, it's not a trick guys, it's very real... it's just that my boobs aren't.

The jingling visuals have gone viral, of course, racking up over 2 million views since the video was released yesterday. Uh, merry Christmas?