We Figured Out Which 'Harry Potter' Houses The 'Twilight' Characters Belong To

We Figured Out Whichharry Potterhouses Thetwilightcharacters Belong

Even the most dedicated Twihards on the planet can admit that when it comes to education, Hogwarts was at least 107 times cooler than Forks High School. It's just a fact.

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C'mon, Quidditch matches instead of a lax volleyball session at the gym? Defense Against the Dark Arts instead of regurgitating old sonnets? A dining hall with floating candles and magically appearing feasts instead of a boring old self-serve cafeteria? It's barely a contest.

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But we think that a lot of the Olympic Peninsula natives in the ' Twilight Saga ' -- vampires, werewolves and muggles humans alike -- may very well have found some real camaraderie within the halls of the ' Harry Potter ' School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

In fact, we have some thoughts on where the Sorting Hat might send a few of our favorites if these worlds ever really collided. Click through below to see if you agree with our House assignments!