We Have a Winner: Prison Break DVD Giveaway

We Have Winner Prison Break Dvd Giveaway

Actually, we have two winners! Congratulations to lanmwolf and Matt91 , winners of the Prison Break: Season Three DVD Giveaway Challenge . We chose them because we are a sucker for a good backstory: lanwolf is going to school full-time and can't afford to spend money on frivolous purchases like DVDs (we're big supporters of education here at Film.com); and Matt91 says he would have to travel 30 miles to get the DVD. Apparently, where Matt91 lives, there is no Internet. Ever hear of Amazon.com?Thanks to all who participated, and if you didn't win this time, it might be because you didn't follow the instructions and e-mail me your address. Just saying.


It's time for another exciting TV Addict DVD Giveaway Challenge ! This week, we're giving away one copy, maybe two, of Prison Break: Season Three , which is out on DVD this week. In case you haven't been keeping up, Wentworth Miller & Co. were in prison, and then they escaped, and then they got caught and are back in prison again. Now then!Season Three of the Fox drama introduced a character who calls herself Susan B. Anthony and is a merciless and deranged killer. (Not to be confused with the real Susan B. Anthony, who helped secure voting rights for women in the 19th century. Thanks Susan!) Prison Break 's Susan is played by the actress Jodi Lyn O'Keefe , best known for starring as a mean girl in some predictable teen movies and once dating John Cusack. I rode a roller coaster with her at the Fox party at Santa Monica Pier last month and she seems very nice despite the fact that she likes to behead people on TV.See Susan B. Anthony in action here in a clip from the DVD special features: Prison Break S3 DVD Clip #1: Special Features - Episode 4¿s Gravedigger | Movies & TV | SPIKE.com

Meantime, Prison Break producers have announced that prison doctor Sara Tancredi ( Sarah Wayne Callies ), who was believed to have been beheaded by Susan B. Anthony -- natch -- in season three, will be returning to the show in season four, which premieres on Fox Sept. 1. Also: Susan's real name is Gretchen.To win a copy of Prison Break: Season Three on DVD, tell me why you're a fan of the show in the comments section. And yes, 'Because I have a crush on Wentworth Miller' is a perfectly acceptable reason. Don't forget to email me at tvaddict@real.com with your address in case you win! Giveaway ends Aug. 19.