We Made ‘The Royals’ Cast Choose Between Narnia And Hogwarts: Watch

We Made Royals Cast Choose Between Narnia

William Moseley wants to go back -- back to Narnia. Because, you know, the first time around it was all a LIE.

Once upon a time Moseley starred as Peter Pevensie in the beloved ' Chronicles of Narnia ' film series, and his allegiance to Narnia and Aslan is still mighty strong, even when presented with the option of taking a ride on the Hogwarts Express. (It's our 'Sophie's Choice,' too. Don't worry.)

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MTV News played a little game of 'Would You Rather?' with Moseley and his ' Royals ' co-star Alexandra Park, and things got kinda awkward when Park chose the Hogwarts Express over Narnia. (Although, Moseley did admit that he'd be sorted into Gryffindor, so everybody wins!) But we have to admit the jelly beans -- and chocolate frogs! -- on the Express sound really scrumptious, so we can't blame Park for her decision.

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There is one thing Moseley and his onscreen sister do agree on, and that's Beyonce. Because when faced with the choice of either having tea with Jay Z and Beyonce or hitting the club with Prince William and Duchess Kate, you always choose Beyonce. That's just common sense. They should just rename it Bey-kingham Palace.

'The Royals' -- which premieres March 15 -- follows the lurid lives of a fictional Royal Family, starring Moseley as Prince Liam, Park as the punk-rock Princess Eleanor and Elizabeth Hurley as their mum, Queen Helena. Trust us: this family pulls off stunts that would make even Prince Harry blush.