We Met Tiny Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson And Rupert Grint For The First Time 15 Years Ago

We Met Tiny Daniel Radcliffe

Wands at the ready, you may have to cast some serious charms to ward away the feels that are about to come at you.

A decade and a half ago today, 15 whole years, we saw the face of the Boy Who Lived for the very first time. Daniel Radcliffe , Emma Watson and Rupert Grint , then tiny and basically unknown children, were introduced to the public as the actors who would grow up in front of the camera, playing Harry, Hermione and Ron in the eventual eight films of the ' Harry Potter ' series.

Look at these wee, angelic faces.

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I...I don't even know what to say about this. Look at DanRad's tiny little round glasses! Those could be for a doll! Emma's hair! Rupert's itty bitty sweater! In a word: perfection. (Other than Daniel's blue-blue-blue eyes, nothing like Lily's , but we don't have to go into that right now.) (But couldn't they have just gotten the kid some contacts? OK, that's all.) (But like, really.)

A few days later, the trio reunited for more tiny/adorable/my heart must be very strong because it hasn't quite exploded yet pictures.

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No, I'm sorry. I can't. I have to excuse myself. Even J.K. Rowling can't stop squeeing.


Thank you for being in our lives for 15 years, Potter pals!