We Need To Talk About Hanna's Fiancé On 'Pretty Little Liars'

We Need Talk About Hannas Fianc Onpretty Little Liars

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Come gather round me, ' Pretty Little Liars ' fans. We have something important to discuss: Hanna's new fiancé Jordan (David Coussins) and his rather off-putting style.

We know Jordan is supposed to be Mr. Fashion Guy in Season 6B , but really , loafers? No socks? Exposed ankles? What the hell is going on here, Hanna? This kind of style is inexcusable. We know the man has a gorgeous face, but since when did you become the kind of girl who dates men who wear loafers and/or boat shoes? Burn them, Hanna. Burn them all.

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We get it, Jordan. You went to prep school, and you probably like playing golf and relaxing on your family's yacht. But there's something about this grey-slouchy-slacks-and-boat-shoes combination that is really rubbing me the wrong way. The slouchy slacks are cuffed ! Clearly, Jordan takes a lot of time putting together his everyday ensembles, which might mean he's a little too into himself for my liking.

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We're not entirely surprised by Jordan's ~ fancy ~ style. After all, Hanna met him while working with designer Zac Posen in Europe. So it makes sense that Jordan's overall look is very European. Plus, that expertly tailored blue sport coat is definitely on brand for Mr. Fashion Guy. Jordan has been described as exuding ' sophistication and swagger ,' which TBH sounds like a nice way of saying 'will not be helpful when Uber A starts threatening his fiancée.' Unlike, you know, Caleb, who has been known to risk his life and hack into psychos' computers to save Hanna. (I'm just simply stating facts here. No shade.)

Then again, the man deserves bonus points if he actually owns a beach house in the Hamptons. That doesn't mean he's a better person (as he very well might think he is), but it does legitimize his choice of footwear.