We Were Into This Reimagining Of 'Arthur' Characters As Hipsters Way Before You Were

We Were Into This Reimagining Ofarthurcharacters

Artist Pedro Fequiere of BuzzFeed imagined the characters of 'Arthur' as if they all grew up to be hipsters. And if you really think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense that Buster, D.W., Muffy and the rest of Arthur's crew would turn out to be ~too cool~ for you to understand.

There were clues all along that the gang would grow up to be the hippest adults in Elwood City. For instance, take The Brain's collection of old jazz records . And when Ziggy Marley sings your theme song , you're destined to own a fixed-gear bike or a pair of skinny jeans at some point in your life.

Pedro Fequiere / BuzzFeed / PBS

Fequiere also humorously captions each character with how their lives are now that they're tattooed adults. 'Arthur is a barista at the Sugar Bowl ,' Fequiere says of Arthur's future. 'He writes for the Elwood City Times, and he owns a small independent book press for cultural criticism and poetry.'

Pedro Fequiere / BuzzFeed / PBS

See how scene all the characters of 'Arthur' are over at BuzzFeed .