The Weasley Clock Is A 'Harry Potter' DIY-er's Dream

Weasley Clock Is Aharry Potterdiy Ers Dream

Oh how the magic of the ' Harry Potter ' fandom will never cease to amaze and delight us.

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The Weasley burrow was not exactly the most imitable place in the series -- although wouldn't it be so nice to have dishes wash themselves once in a while? For serious. But there was one item of decor that is quickly making its way into the Potterphile must-have collection for any true muggle shrine: The Weasley Clock.

A few brilliant students at the University of Munich came up with a version of the Weasley Clock that actually syncs up with your smart phone's GPS tracking to let it know exactly where you're at -- and move the clock hands accordingly.

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OK, OK. So this might be a burglar's dream invention -- something that actually blasts your location -- and you might never be able to sneak in (or out) undetected from the 'rents again. But apart from the potential drawbacks of the device, it's pretty ~charming~ indeed.

As turns out, this is actually a thing that's making its way through the crafty do-it-yourself crowd with some serious successes. So, we scoured around to find a few tutorials on how you, too, can create a Weasley Clock.

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  • For example, here's one that you can literally do right now.

    If you have a printer, some paper, scissors and a paperclip, you've got the potion recipe for this concoction all ready. This little wizard even provides the printable templates ! And though it might not operate electronically, it'll still be the cutest addition to your at-home 'Potter' shrine.

  • And here's another that easily transforms a simple wall clock into something marvelous.

    It's amazing what a few pics and popsicle sticks can accomplish.

  • Here's another one which skips the pics altogether and subs all the 'hands' for familiar symbols. Ya know, for some extra inspiration.

    Gotta love how they turned that ordinary grandfather clock into something truly enchanting. GOALS.

So much potential here. Want -- no. NEED.