The Weeknd's Phone Number Is 647-794-9223. Give Him A Call!

Weeknds Phone Number Is 647 794 9223

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The Weeknd gives the word 'teaser' a new meaning in his suggestive album promo.

It's basically a celebrity rule of thumb that you will have -- no matter what your fan level -- zero access to your music idols beyond what they strategically choose to share with you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (hay, Beyoncé !). But not so with Abel Tesfaye, Canada's mysterious R&B vocalist also known as The Weeknd .

In the MTV Artist To Watch 's new teaser for his upcoming Kiss Land album (out Sept. 10), Tesfaye doesn't exactly show up (that'd be way too predictable!), but he does share his ACTUAL phone number. I know, WHAT?!

Watch The Weeknd's Kiss Land teaser after the jump.

Revealing the tiniest clips from his upcoming 'Pretty' video (which, duh, involve lots of sex), Tesfaye's teaser looks more like a Japanese singles line ad, which promises 'happy times' if you call a phone number (647-794-9223). (Er, cue 'Full Metal Jacket' reference?) And while we'd looove to let our imaginations run wild re: Japanese singles lines and The Weeknd's steamy 'Pretty' video, here's what could really happen if you call: You'll get a personal message from Tesfaye himself! AND if you leave him your name and number... HE MIGHT CALL YOU BACK. #AHHHHHHHH.

+ Watch The Weeknd's Kiss Land teaser .

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