What Burning Questions Would A Make It Or Break It Movie Answer?

What Burning Questions Would Make It

Holly Sorensen stuck her landing with Make It or Break It , a TV show she created and executive produced for ABC Family, now Freeform. It followed elite gymnasts Kaylie Cruz ( Josie Loren ), Payson Keeler ( Ayla Kell ), Lauren Tanner ( Cassie Scerbo ), and Emily Kmetko ( Chelsea Hobbs ) on their journey to the Olympics.

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To the dismay of fans, the channel abruptly canceled the show after only three seasons. The series finale aired in May 2012 right before London's actual Summer Olympics, where artistic gymnast Gabby Douglas, a MIOBI fan herself , won both the individual and team competitions .

Viewers never got to see their favorite characters fight for the ultimate gold medal, but in a dream world, the story wouldn't end there. Nearly seven years after the show premiered, the MIOBI family is rallying for a follow-up movie. They want Freeform (or anyone, really) to revive the show for the upcoming 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil.


Sorensen and the majority of the cast — including starring actresses Loren, Kell, and Scerbo — are on board.

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A small but dedicated group of die-hard fans have tweeted their support, too. Someone even started a petition .

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'[A MIOBI movie] would have to answer a singular question that was the driving force of the show — who's going to the Olympics and who's going to win?' Sorensen told MTV News over the phone last week. 'When it got to the Olympic training center and the central question of the show was not answered, it was disappointing for a lot of fans.'


'My dream was to have it [ MIOBI ] go to the 2012 Olympics. It really seemed like it would've been a fun thing to wrap up the show [around], and I had been planning that for the four years,' Sorensen continued. 'It would be fun to wrap up every storyline, it would be fun to see what happened in every relationship, it would’ve been fun to just know what happened for sure.'

Specifically, Sorensen listed three things she'd like a future movie to address:

1. Who won the Olympics?

2. Are The Rock gymnasts still friends? ('Did competition kill them or make them stronger?')

3. What happened to Emily and her baby?

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If you need a refresher, gymnastics wunderkind Emily left the show after finding out she was pregnant in the second season. Meanwhile, the actress who played her, Chelsea Hobbs, was pregnant in real life with her second child, an adorable boy named Kingston .


'It was a really super intense time for the show,' Sorensen said about Emily's storyline. 'It kind of threw the show for a loop, and I've come to see that you plan for things, but the surprises that you get -- I feel this way with Recovery Road too -- in terms of casting or things happening are always gratuitous surprises. And the pregnancy storyline really gave us a chance to explore something that the show would not have explored otherwise.'

Recovery Road is Sorensen's latest Freeform TV show, which premiered in January. The drama follows Maddie Graham, a 17-year-old dealing with alcohol and drug addictions, through her treatment at Springtime Meadows sober home. Both MIOBI and Recovery Road share the same heart, humor, and survival themes, Sorensen said.

'The sense that you can't do it alone, that was a big part of Recovery Road ,' Sorensen explained. 'A big part of Make It or Break It was the me vs. the team [feeling]. [Gymnastics is] an individual sport, but it's [also] a team sport, and recovery is the ultimate team sport. ... If you like the fight, the relationships, the camaraderie of MIOBI , all those things are very much in Recovery Road .'