What Caroline Can Expect Now That She's Expecting On 'The Vampire Diaries'

What Caroline Can Expect Now That Shes Expecting Onthe Vampire Diaries

' The Vampire Diaries ' just delivered its first true shock of the season: Caroline Forbes is pregnant . Now, this isn't some 'Twilight'-esque twist. The laws of vampirism are still soundly intact, so don't expect adorable blonde tots with hero hair anytime soon. Thanks to some v. powerful magic, Caroline is now carrying Jo and Alaric's twins, AKA the only two remaining witches in the recently defunct Gemini Coven, so she's actually just a vampire surrogate.

OK, so we have a lot of questions, like, A LOT of questions. For starters, why did the Gemini Coven choose Caroline? She's a vampire . You'd think they choose someone more human like, say, Elena. Also, why didn't Caroline or Stefan hear the babies' heartbeats? What could are cool vampire powers if they can't even detect when you're pregnant?! The writers obviously needed to find a way to write Candice King's pregnancy into the story line -- despite the fact that vampires can't get pregnant -- but what does this mean for Caroline? Can vampires even carry babies normally?

Excuse us while we talk science for a minute. When an expecting mother eats, the food is broken down into elements -- like glucose, proteins, fats and vitamins -- and then those molecules are absorbed into the mother's blood stream by her small intestine. The molecules ultimately flow to the placenta, where they are transferred to the baby's bloodstream through the umbilical cord. We know the vamps on 'TVD' can eat normal food, so the twins will get the nourishment they need to survive, but what happens to the vampire blood inside of Caroline? Wouldn't it be part of the babies' bloodstreams? Could Caroline unintentionally turn Jo and Ric's babies into tiny, adorable Heretics?

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We know what you're thinking: the babies would have to die with vampire blood in their systems for them to become witch-vampire hybrids. But TBH, this is the first time a vampire has been a surrogate on 'TVD,' so who knows what can happen. For now, we can only make educated guesses based on what we know about supernatural babies from film and TV.

  • You might have an accelerated pregnancy.

    We can thank our girl Bella Swan for this one. When the 'Twilight' heroine got impregnated with her vampire husband's super sperm, she experienced a super accelerated pregnancy. The same thing recently happened to Lady Gaga's Countess on 'American Horror Story: Hotel.' She reached full-term in three weeks with the vampire virus in her bloodstream.

    But there are major downsides to this kind of expedited growth. The 'Twilight' fetus grew so rapidly, Bella could hardly keep up. She had to drink blood from a sippy cup to nourish said hybrid fetus, but it wasn't enough for baby Cullen. Nope. The fetus started eating Bella... from the inside. To be fair, babies are tiny vampires IRL anyway -- fun fact: breast milk is mostly white blood cells! -- so they're constantly drinking your blood in one way or another. It's just a good think Jo and Ric's twins aren't vampires (yet).

  • The fetus will protect you from harm.

    In 'The Originals,' baby Hope healed her mother Hayley on more than occasion from inside the womb. Then again, Hope was a vampire-werewolf hybrid, which meant that as long as Hayley was carrying her, Hope's blood would heal her. Seeing as the Gemini twins are the last in a long line of very powerful witches, the babies would probably be able to do something similar for Caroline. That is, if the Gemini Coven didn't already place a spooky healing spell on her.

  • Giving birth will probably be the most painful thing ever.

    For such a rapid pregnancy, a supernatural baby is a real b--ch in the delivery room. Bella's baby not only broke her spine , but little Renesmee used her tiny fangs to cut her way out of the womb. That's one way to do an emergency C-Section. On the first installment of 'American Horror Story,' Vivien (Connie Britton) died giving birth to the Antichrist, so you can only imagine how painful that was.

  • There's a slight chance it might be a murderous smoke baby.

    Just ask the Red Priestess herself Melisandre. She birthed a dark and twisty, king-slaying smoke baby on 'Game of Thrones' and we still haven't been able to wrap our heads around that one.

  • Everyone will want to kill your baby.

    Supernatural babies, by definition, are magical messiahs. They hold to key to everything. Therefore, they attract every vampire, werewolf, witch and hybrid in the land, so Ric and Caroline are going to need a hefty security detail on those twins.