What To Do If (And When) A Girl Finds Out You're Into Her

What Do If Girl Finds Out Youre Into Her

Guys often stick to a subtle, long-term strategy when trying to impress a girl they like -- but listen, dude, you're not as clever as you think. She's probably gonna find out way before you planned to let her know, and everything can change in a second depending on how you react. Here are a few suggestions on how to avoid sabotaging yourself if she discovers you've got the feels.

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Scenario #1: You meant to text your friend about how you feel, but accidentally sent it to her

What Idiots Do: Try to cover it up by saying it's a 'joke' and that you just wanted to see what she'd say after reading that.

What You Should Do: Be real. Own it. Tell her that, yes, the text was intended for your friend, but it's really how you feel about her. The worst thing that can happen is she thinks your texting incompetence is a little awkward and out of the blue, but there's a 95% she'll be at least a little flattered (plus, her friends will think your mistake is adorable) and y'never know, it might work in your favor.

Scenario #2: You tell her friend ('between us'), who tells her almost immediately

What Idiots Do: Get angry and yell at her friend, then deny you ever said anything.

What You Should Do: Be cool about it. You don't have to address it head on, necessarily, but don't ignore it, either. Talk with her, compliment her, have a sense of humor about how the cat's outta the bag -- really, shouldn't you have expected it? -- and maybe even make her gossipy friend jealous by showing that you're a great guy who doesn’t lose his s--t when uncomfortable circumstances pop up.

Scenario #3: You've clicked 'like' on every selfie she posts on Instagram...and commented how beautiful she is in each one

What Idiots Do: Well, we don't endorse the original strategy here, since it comes off as subtle as an A-bomb, but the damage is done, so…

What You Should Do: Nothing. However she responds to this is all you need to know about what she thinks about it. (p.s. If she comments 'Thank you.' with any assortment of emojis, that's not a good sign.)

Scenario #4: You've opened a chat with her between the hours of 1 and 5 a.m.

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What Idiots Do: Send a d--k pic.

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What You Should Do: Not send a d--k pic. A late-night conversation can show your deep, thoughtful side, which is by far your most impressive angle here.

Scenario #5: You both swipe right on Tinder for each other

What Idiots Do: Propose sex.

What You Should Do: For God's sake, offer to TAKE HER OUT!

Scenario #6: You impulsively straight-up tell her how you feel

What Idiots Do: Demand an immediate answer about whether she feels the same way about you.

What You Should Do: Leave the door open for her to think it over. Get to know her better as a friend and a person. Relationships take time to develop, whether they're romantic or not. There's no need to rush, and there's no need to feel stupid for getting the feels for a girl you know. Chill and take it slow...and if it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, at least you were honest.