What Does Anna Kendrick's 'Pitch Perfect 3' Return Mean For Beca?

What Does Anna Kendricks Pitch Perfect 3return Mean

On Monday (June 15), the world was given a pleasant surprise when Anna Kendrick announced she'd be back as Beca Mitchell in ' Pitch Perfect 3 .' Which is super exciting and all, but we just finished watching 'Pitch Perfect 2,' and wasn't the whole point that Beca was moving on, and Hailee Steinfeld's Emily Junk was taking over as the leader of the Barden Bellas 2.0?

Basically, we're all for Kendrick gracing our movie screens whenever possible, but we're also all for 'PP3' finding a viable excuse for keeping the character around without dragging her through the mud to keep her there. We've brainstormed some potential options for post-grad Beca, and we're giving them to you (and Universal Pictures) free of charge. You're aca-welcome!

  1. She graduates, nabs a killer job, and mentors the incoming Bellas. Universal Pictures

    Much of the second film surrounded Beca's internship at Residual Heat -- which she clearly kicked ass in. Maybe in 'PP3,' Beca could nail a killer job at Residual Heat, then help the Barden Bellas sing their way to victory against [insert obstacle here] with her new original songs... and of course, occasionally chime in to help them find their sound. This would keep Beca mostly out of the main competitive action -- which happens after college, I'm sorry to say -- but would also allow her to get her voice on the soundtrack, so everybody wins!

  2. She graduates and stays at Barden as coach. Universal

    Much like the above option, this would allow Beca to stay on and sing along without weakening her character -- because let's be honest, no one likes that one kid who just won't let go of their high school/college glory days.

  3. She graduates and joins a rival a cappella group, then competes against the Bellas. Universal Pictures

    Das Sound Machine was clearly made up of actors who were at least 30 years old. Maybe Beca and Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) graduate, then start their own a cappella group and take on the Bellas at Worlds... or Universes. Whatever it is that comes next.

    It might be hard for some fans to say goodbye to the Bellas as the main gang of the 'Pitch Perfect' world, but if they want to keep using the same actors instead of going the 'Degrassi' recasting route, they're going to have to either A, switch things up to acknowledge the passage of time, or B, just not acknowledge the passage of time. Which brings us to our next option...

  4. She hasn't graduated yet, because the film is not acknowledging time. Universal

    Theoretically, the film could find a way to fit in a new competition for the Bellas in between Worlds and Beca and co.'s graduation. This would probably be the easiest option, if not the most exciting.

  5. She fails and does the Chloe thing. Universal Pictures

    God no. Please, just no. Not that Chloe isn't great, but Beca has been established as a character that young girls can look up to -- we don't need her flunking out of college to stay in an a cappella group.

    But hey, stranger things -- like Fat Amy singing Pat Benatar to Bumper -- have certainly happened.

  6. Beca, Chloe, Fat Amy and the graduates form an adult group. No Bellas at all! Universal Pictures

    This is probably my favorite option of the bunch, because with Kendrick and Wilson already set to return, the franchise has pretty much decided that it is banking on its stars rather than its 'wacky college girls sing a cappella' premise. There's little to no reason why Beca, Chloe, Fat Amy and co. couldn't band together and join an adult a cappella group after college, effectively leaving the Bellas behind while keeping the main cast singing together.

    If they don't do this and they do let time pass, it will be less believable to see all of the characters we know together -- and it will definitely be less believable that adult women with lives and jobs are still hanging around with a college a cappella group. Let's let the grown-ups have this one, shall we?