What Does Beyonce’s '7/11' Actually Refer To? We Have Some Theories

What Does Beyonce S7 11actually Refer

Ever since Beyoncé released the '7/11' video back in November, I've firmly believed that the title refers to something more than just being 'fresher than youuuuuu' 24 hours a day.

My brain can only hold so many conspiracy theories at once, so let's settle this one so I can make room for a new one -- that people can see me when they're not in the room using photographs because YOU NEVER KNOW.

  1. Is Beyoncé going to surprise us with another album on '7/11,' a.k.a. July 11, 2015?
  2. Or, is '7/11' the due date for her (as yet nonexistent) second child with husband Jay Z?
  3. Perhaps the apocalypse will go down on July 11?
  4. Or, maybe it's an Illuminati thing because triangles, etc.
  5. Forget the dates. What if she's hinting at a 7 out of 11 chance she'll drop a joint album with Jay?
  6. What if she's telling us that if you run into the wall at Platform 7 and 11 quarters at Houston's Amtrak Station on Washington Ave, you'll board the express train to Hogwarts?
  7. Final thoughts: She probably just likes Slurpees.