What Does Teen Wolf's Crazy Mr. Douglas Want With Corey?

What Does Teen Wolfs Crazy Mr

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The former Beacon Hills High School TILF has returned to his pineal gland-eating ways .

Mr. Douglas suddenly appeared out of nowhere to shake things up during Scott and crew's grand Ghost Rider takedown on tonight's Teen Wolf . Just when we thought our favorite team of supernaturals was about to get somewhere (anywhere, really) in the hunt for Stiles, their plan tragically backfired. SIGH. Can we just have Stiles back already?

It's clear that Mr. Douglas — aka 'Der Soldat' the tank guy — and the Ghost Riders go way back, because they definitely recognized one another. 'It's been a long time,' the BHHS science teacher stated, just before stealing the dark cowboy's lasso and ripping out his pineal gland for a little late-night snack.

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The TILF-that-was really must be quite a force to be reckoned with, because he's been the only supernatural ( aside from Parrish ) to make those riders back down, not to mention he easily made Theo his bitch.

After then embarking back into the woods, Mr. Douglas made his most confusing move yet: capturing our dear, sweet Corey with the Ghost Rider's lasso. When asked what he was doing, the science teacher said, 'Something I've been waiting to do for a very long time,' just before Corey completely vanished into a cloud of blue smoke.

WHAAAT? Why?! What on Earth could the former German soldier want with a camouflaging chimera? Maybe he's still butthurt over Corey stealing his compass during the season premiere ? Or perhaps he's looking to harm Corey's other half Mason? After all, Mason was hooked up (against his will, mind you) to the soldier's green gooey place of rest at one point during Season 5.

Speaking of, that's the most heartbreaking part — Mason. Cue the cutest line ever uttered between those two lovebirds, after Mason admitted his ability to always 'see' Corey, even when he's supposedly invisible: 'It's my only power, finding you.' All of the feels!

What do you think Mr. Douglas wants with the BHHS student? Or is his plan to tackle the Beacon Hills supernaturals one by one until he is the most powerful force in the history of powerful forces? Sound off, and find out what happens next Tuesday at 9/8c!

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