What The Girl Meets World Kids Can Learn About High School From Boy Meets World

What Girl Meets World Kids Can Learn About High School From Boy Meets World

Girl Meets World just wrapped up its second season on March 11, with Riley ( Rowan Blanchard ) and her friends graduating middle school. Next season, they'll gear up for the next exciting chapter in their lives: high school.

As you may recall, Riley's dad Cory ( Ben Savage ) and his pals had some really sweet — and not so sweet — times at John Adams High on Boy Meets World , so here's what the GMW squad can learn from the generation that came before them.

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  1. Finding your image will be a daily struggle. Disney
  2. If your love life isn't going too well, you'll end up on an MTV game show. Disney

    Hosted by Chris Hardwick , no less.

  3. And even if it is going well, you'll still end up on a game show. Disney

    Brain hat optional.

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  4. There'll be serious turf wars. Disney
  5. As well as wrestling matches. Disney
  6. You may or may not accidentally travel back to the 1950s. Disney
  7. And cross-dressing is a possibility. Disney
  8. There'll be an opportunity to join a cult. Please don't take it. Disney
  9. DJ Tanner will stop by and freak you the eff out as a creepy witch. Disney
  10. And an eskimo might hang out, too. Disney
  11. If you're really lucky, you'll still be BFFs with your childhood pal. Disney
  12. Grades will make you a little crazy at times. Disney
  13. And you'll think outside the box with your career choice. Disney
  14. So don't sweat it if college applications are bringing you down. Disney
  15. Graduation will be, uh, interesting. Disney

    A marriage proposal could occur. Just go with it.

  16. You're gonna get your heart broken, one way or another. Disney
  17. But it'll work itself out in the end. Disney

    Although, it may take until college (or after) until it's fixed.

  18. And lastly, you'll be trapped in the school and chased by a psychotic killer. Disney
  19. So, hint hint, wink wink. Disney