What If ‘Mean Girls’ Was Actually About Janis And Cady’s Forbidden Love?

What If Mean Girls Was Actually About Janis

As far as timeless teen movies go, it’s hard to find one as beloved and insanely quotable as Mean Girls . We all know it, we all love it, and we all revisit it at least once a year (preferably on October 3). But what if the Mean Girls we all grew up with wasn’t actually centered around a posse of terrorizing Plastics, and instead chronicled the doomed relationship of two girls forced to hide their love?

That’s the question posed in a hilarious (but also hella melodramatic) recut trailer from Mashable . Mean Girls: The Forbidden Lesbian Romance reimagines the 2004 flick as a Carol -esque drama about Cady Heron ( Lindsay Lohan ) and Janis Ian's ( Lizzy Caplan ) queer romance. We see the two BFFs-turned-hidden-lovers argue about their twisted feelings and share longing stares… and it actually kind of works.

So what if Cady had ended up with Janis instead of vanilla regulation hottie Aaron Samuels? It’d look a little something like this:


Yeah… we definitely ship this.