What Is The Deranged Sorority Girl Doing Now?

What Is Deranged Sorority Girl Doing Now

'In the event that you're either f--king stupid or blind and deaf, my name is Rebecca Martinson and I wrote that fine piece of Shakespeare-quality literature to my ex-sorority sisters awhile back.'

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That's how former Delta Gamma member Rebecca Martinson introduces herself in the foreword of Taylor Bell's new novel, 'Dirty Rush.'

Remember good ol' Rebecca? She wrote a famous email that bitched out creatively reprimanded her sorority sisters for pretty much everything under the sun. Her not-so-kind words of advice went crazy viral back in 2013. And now the girl who invented the term 'cu-- punt' is a published writer.

Martinson has been busy since she shot to internet infamy. She graduated from the University of Maryland last year and is currently an associate editor at BroBible , where she's written about everything from sex scandals to G.I. Joe to -- obviously -- Greek life. She also has superb cat photoshopping skills, which I'm really jealous of:


Martinson penned a handful of articles for Total Sorority Move as well. But one of her most notable pieces by far -- since her notorious DG email, obvi -- is probably the 'My First Double Bl--job' story she wrote for Vice in November 2013. In it she recounts the dramatic tale of how her and her best friend tried to go down on a dude at the same time, but he wasn't as *excited* about the three-way situation as he needed to be. OK, moving on...

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'Dirty Rush' is just the next step in Martinson's career path. She helped author Taylor Bell with the novel's dialogue, so we expect this book to have plenty of scandalous girl talks laden with f-bombs.

'No one ever gets sorority life right when it comes to putting it down in words, everything always turns into drunk chicks making out at parties while wearing Greek letters ... And you know what? This book f--king tells it like it f--king is,' Martinson wrote in the novel's foreword.

'You won't find anything in here about how all sorority girls are vacuously stupid,' she continued. 'You won't find anything in here about midnight pillow fights between girls dressed solely in their bras and panties. And you sure as f--k won't read anything about how a sorority girl's sole purpose in life is to be perpetually drunk and do the spread eagle for wasted frat bros.'

Cheers to that.