'What Is A Stiles?': We're Answering Lydia's Heartbreaking Teen Wolf Question

What Is Stiles Were Answering Lydias Heartbreaking Teen Wolf Question

We never thought we'd hear Lydia utter those devastating words.

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Following years of friendship and a growing love, Stydia appears to be a ship that has sailed far, far away — if tonight's episode of Teen Wolf is any indication. Scott and Co. (minus one crucial member) channeled Lydia's supernatural powers in order to help figure out what or who they seem to be forgetting, thanks to a series of empty flashbacks. This caused Lydia to write down the word 'mischief' a bazillion times in a formation that spelled S-T-I-L-E-S. For starters, what in the hell does 'mischief' even mean? Time will (hopefully) tell on that one.

And more importantly, Lyd's question, 'What is a Stiles?' gave us chills. WHAT IS A STILES?! As if he's not even a person . Well. Allow us to remind you what exactly a Stiles is , Lydia.

  • He is a brother.

    It's a Season 3 scene we'll never forget. You know the one — Stiles saves a suicidal Scott with the best bro/BFF speech in the history of ever. They might not be bonded by blood, but they're as close to brothers as two friends can get. And who knows, maybe Mama McCall and Papa Stilinski will tie the knot someday!

  • He is a friend.

    The BHHS senior will stop at nothing to put his friends first, even those to whom he may not be particularly close. Remember that epic 'Sterek' moment ? Now that's quality friendship material.

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  • He is a lover.

    Whether you ship Stalia , Stydia or some other unknown ST-combination, Stiles is a lover and would make a stellar boyfriend. Or husband. Just sayin'.

  • He is a son.

    Stiles' dedication to his dad is unparalleled. He's risked his life on more than one occasion for his ol' man, and the two are as close as any father and son can be, especially after the loss of Stiles' mom. Which, speaking of — was that Mama Stilinski in tonight's episode? If so, that means Stiles might really have played a part in her... ugh. We can't say it.

How would you define Stiles? Tell us, and catch more of the Teen Wolf final season next Tuesday at 9/8c.

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