Whatever You Do, Don't Buy That Clip-In Man Bun

Whatever You Do Dont Buy That Clip Man Bun

For the past few days, the internet has been freaking out over these clip-in man buns being sold on Groupon . While ASOS launched the same product as an April Fools' Day joke earlier this year, these appear to be the real deal.

Groupon is offering the clip-in buns (in brown, black, and blond) for a sale price of $9.99. The original price listed is $65.34, which, no. Also, how? While you're free to do whatever you want, especially when it comes to your hair, I'm here to advise you not to buy these buns.


First of all, they don't look real. In any way. They are too thick, too full, and most of all, too pristine. Even Jared Leto's red carpet man bun is a little unkempt. This is the main image chosen to represent to the product, which I assume means it's the best one they took. Best case scenario, this is what your bun will look like. Do you want that? I don't think so— Harry Styles and his bun would be so ashamed.


Second of all, it's not like the concept of clip-in buns is new. They've been around for a while, just marketed as, y'know, buns rather than man buns . Oh, and they're available for cheaper and in a wider range of hair colors on Etsy so you can actually match your shade. When you're clipping a mound of hair to your head, do you really need the ' man bun' distinction? Fake hair is fake hair is fake hair.

If you're still convinced you need a man bun and don't have time to grow your hair, men can get extensions, too , and that actually looks real. Just ask Matt Damon .

Please, just whatever you do, don't buy the buns from Groupon—you have so many other options, embrace 'em.