What's So Funny About the 'Peace, Love & Misunderstanding' Trailer?

Whats Funny About Thepeace

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The new trailer for the upcoming multi-generational romantic comedy 'Peace, Love & Misunderstanding' and it's got a little something for everyone thanks to a cast that includes Oscar winners (Jane Fonda and Catherine Keener), fan favorites (the always hunky Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and up-and-coming young stars (Elizabeth Olsen and Chace Crawford).

Take that, bloated summer action blockbusters!

So just what is this classic example of counter-programming (the film arrives on June 8, the same day as the vastly more hyped 'Prometheus') about? Well, Keener plays a lady whose husband leaves her after 20 years of marriage. So she packs up the kids and heads to the home of her estranged mother (that's Fonda), a crazy hippie lady who helps teach the whole family the importance of being laid back and stuff.

And, along the way, it's safe to say that pretty much everyone in the film gains a romantic interest and learns a life lesson or three. So check out the new trailer, courtesy of YouTube . And get ready for a summer of 'Love.'