What's Worse: A 'Catfish' Who Lies About Her Identity, Or One Who Lies About Her Past?

Whats Worse Acatfishwho Lies About Her Identity

Finding out your online date is a fake and that his or her profile photo features a completely different person: That's the absolute worst. Or is it?

On tonight's ' Catfish ' episode, Max Joseph and Nev Schulman traveled to San Antonio, Texas to meet Blaire, a 22-year-old New York native who'd recently moved down south with her best friend. She'd met the girl of her dreams, Markie, on Instagram, and though Markie proved to be a rock for Blaire during tough times (homelessness and family scorn included), she also came with some pretty heavy baggage.

Not only was Markie completely unwilling to video chat, she also proved to be a bit of a flight risk -- when she promised to meet with Blaire about four months into the couple's relationship, Markie strangely went missing, and Blaire later learned she'd claimed to have been kidnapped and delivered to a mental hospital. The bizarre message also signaled the point at which Markie called off the relationship. Crestfallen Blaire was initially devastated but resolved to move on; then, when she made a forthcoming relationship Facebook-official, Markie lashed out. Suffice it to say, the whole thing threw Blaire for a loop.

Sure something was off, Nev and Max encouraged Blaire to travel to Fresno, California to finally meet Markie and get to the bottom of things. And surprisingly, Markie was receptive to the idea...until she wasn't. After agreeing to a face-to-face discussion, she went MIA once more and forced Blaire and the sleuths to set out on a wild goose chase to her house. The trail ran cold there too, though, and while lamenting the exasperating journey at a local park, Blaire got a long-awaited call from Markie, who swore she was on her way to chat.

Though it seemed like she never would, Markie arrived -- and was ostensibly the person she'd claimed to be -- but clarity didn't follow, and when Markie tried to make sense of her farfetched kidnapping story, which included a prophetic dream and a corresponding death threat, Nev finally got fed up with Markie's cloudy speech and told her as much.

'It feels like I'm listening to a script,' he said. 'That's the worst thing you can do for [Blaire]...If you care about someone, be real with them!'

After talking through the issues that separated them and landing on as close to the same page as possible, Blaire and Markie finally resolved to keep in touch, and during a catch-up with Nev and Max months later, the ladies confirmed they were still speaking. But it was tough to ignore all the times that Markie had Saran-wrapped seemingly simple truths in unnecessary, complicated deceit.

We've seen plenty of 'Catfish' features who have totally lied about their appearance, but Markie's compulsive lying is relatively unprecedented. Which do you think is worse: Lying about the specifics surrounding your identity, or lying more generally about your life's bigger picture? Tell us what you think, and be sure to tune in to a new 'Catfish' next Wednesday at 10/9c!

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