When This Bride-To-Be Got Dumped, She Got Destructive In The Best Way Possible

When This Bride Be Got Dumped

When Florida bride-to-be Kiley Manulak was dumped by her fiancé via text message, it was definitely not what she wanted or deserved, but that didn't stop her from doing something about it.

Instead of letting such heartbreak destroy her, Manulak opted to destroy her wedding dress, WFLA News reported. After taking a few days to recover from the breakup with her mother, maid of honor and girlfriends, she decided to attend Tampa's Color Fun Fest , an eclectic 5k event. The result was Manulak and her bridesmaids demolishing their dresses in the most colorful and cathartic way possible.

WFLA News/Jessica Rios/YouTube

It was actually very liberating, she told WFLA News . I don’t want a pity party. I just want to have fun with it. Manulak was just as classy when commenting on her ex. She even thanked him for letting her go so she can find something better.

Sure, a wedding warrants general congratulations, but being able to deal with disappointment with so much creativity and perspective? Now that's something to celebrate.

Congrats on being awesome, Kiley. We're wishing you a lifetime of happiness, wherever you find it. Watch the full video below.


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