Where Is Matt Bomer On American Horror Story: Roanoke?

Where Is Matt Bomer American Horror Story

If American Horror Story: Roanoke fans were to call up Matt Bomer right now, he'd probably answer with, 'New phone. Who dis?'

Supposedly, our beloved 'Hotline Bling'–dancing Donovan from Hotel was going to be on this week's episode, but IMDb didn't list his character name, nor did his name appear in the closing credits. Our biggest clue that he was missing was, however, was that he never actually showed up — unless he pulled a Finn Wittrock and popped up for 1.5 seconds.

Sure, 'Chapter 9' gave us Taissa Farmiga 's Blair Witch character, Return to Roanoke 's sole survivor , and that hot Uber driver once again, but the fans wanted Bomer.

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Back in June, Bomer told Magic Radio , 'I don't know anything [about season 6], electively so. It's coming back, and I know that I will be a part of it at some point.' Us Weekly also confirmed his return. So we know he's due to appear in Season 6, but there's only one episode left now. Tick tock, buddy.

Some fans think Bomer will play the Butcher's real-life son, Ambrose (played by Wes Bentley in the My Roanoke Nightmare reenactment). However, this seems unlikely, since IMDb listed parkour athlete Jesse La Flair in that role, and La Flair even uploaded a fantastic video of his makeup transformation to Facebook. So who's left for Bomer to play? The real-life Cricket Marlowe or something?

We know co-creator Brad Falchuk sees Roanoke as divided up into three different tales, with the final episode (with all its The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story vibes ) separate from the others. One thing is for certain: Next week is Bomer's last chance.