Which Horror Movies Cause The Cast Of 'Scream' To…Scream?

Which Horror Movies Cause Cast Ofscreamto Scream

Sitting down to watch a terrifying film is probably the last thing the residents of Lakewood feel like doing (there's a psycho killer on the loose, for Pete's sake), but the cast from ' Scream ' can't get enough of the horror genre. To quote Ghostface from the inaugural franchise film, 'Do you like scary movies?' And if you ask series stars Willa Fitzgerald , Connor Weil , Amadeus Serafini and John Karna and Bella Thorne (which we did at San Diego Comic-Con), the answer is a big, resounding yes.

So, which flicks stick out as favorites among the MTV crew if they're looking to shriek and screech?

If Kieran Wilcox's alter ego is looking to peep a frightening silver-screen video, 'The Silence of the Lambs' is Serafini's go-to. And the woman behind Emma Duval can't get enough of 'Let the Right One In' (the original).

'I think it’s absolutely amazing and really beautiful,' Fitzgerald dished.

For the actor portraying the charming jock Will Belmont, 'The Sixth Sense' deserves a special mention because dark thrillers are his 'absolute favorite.' And while (poor) Thorne's character bit the dust first (RIP Nina Patterson), the starlet still has a long list of frightening motion pictures she adores.

''The Strangers,' 'Insidious,' obviously 'The Shining' is a classic,' the 17-year-old explained. 'I loved 'The Grudge' when it came out. My whole family slept in one room that night.' Well, Sarah Michelle Gellar in that role can do that to ya...

Lastly, and unsurprisingly, the thesp playing Noah Foster has a real affinity for some notable and iconic pictures.

'The original 'Friday the 13th' is just so solid, and 'Halloween' is so masterful,' Karna states. 'I love the 'Evil Dead' movies -- I have such a crazy spot for the 'Evil Dead' movies.'

+ What are your favorite scary films? Share your picks in the comments, and be sure to keep watching 'Scream' on Tuesdays at 10/9c!