Which Hot Hemsworth Brother Are You? [QUIZ]

Which Hot Hemsworth Brother Are You

Man oh man do we love it when all three of the Hemsworth brothers trio it up for some camera-melting red carpet action.

At Monday (July 27) night's premiere of 'Vacation,' Chris Hemsworth decided to make it a family affair and bring both of his fellow actor bros -- Liam and Luke -- along for the show. Which meant swoonage was going down all over the place, especially once those hunktastic Aussie accents started flowing.

Seriously with those genes. 👏👏👏

At any rate, we started to wonder which of the three Hemsworth hunks we really identify with most and realized this is a true conundrum because how could we possibly choose? With Chris, you've got the Sexiest Man Alive-slash-superhero thing going on, but with Liam there's a tinge of romance beneath all the buff. Meanwhile, Luke's got a lot of mystery going for him, and we can't wait to see him blossom into a full fledged superstar to round out Hemsworth Hollywood domination.

So, we stopped staring at pictures of the three long enough to put together this quiz and help YOU determine which Hemsworth brother you are. Enjoy.