Which 'Real World: New Orleans' Alums Are Still BFFs?

Whichreal World New Orleansalums Are Still Bffs

When you're living within ' The Real World ' walls, there's nothing quite like the unparalleled relationships you build with your roommates. And for two lovable 'Real World: New Orleans' alums, their special MTV-kindled friendship has survived all of these years outside of the Belfort Mansion.

Danny and Kelley, who met back in 2000 on the ninth installment of the historic franchise and subsequently nabbed first place on 'Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the Seasons,' are still thick as thieves -- according to the blond beauty's actor hubby Scott Wolf.

'She's still like best friends with Danny,' the erstwhile 'Party of Five' star revealed on a recent 'Watch What Happens Live' episode. 'He's amazing. And we're great friends -- the loveliest guy.'

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Besides the Georgia native, does his wife still keep in contact with any other roomies -- a.k.a the highly entertaining Melissa , Jamie, Matt, Julie and 'C'mon Be My Baby' crooner David?

'I don't know if she's really in touch with anybody else from the cast, but she and Danny have stayed best friends,' S dished.

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As for Kelley and Scott, the actor revealed how they met -- and yes, he did watch his future bride on the small screen during her Bourbon Street days.

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'I had this crazy moment where I was living in LA, and I was dating -- and I wasn't really finding my person,' he explained. 'And I saw an episode of the show, and she was like in the kitchen talking with somebody. Probably Danny. And I was like, 'Where is that girl in my life?' And then I moved to New York and a friend called me and was like, 'I met your wife.' He didn't say, 'I met a girl.' He said, 'I met your wife.' And so I wound up calling her.'

Twelve years -- and three beautiful kids later -- the rest is history!

Take a fun trip down memory lane and watch the old-school 'RW: NOLA' intro below -- bb Danny and Kelley! -- and be sure to catch a new episode of 'Real World: Skeletons' tonight at 10/9c.