Whitney Houston Explains Appeal Of 'My Love Is Your Love'

Whitney Houston Explains Appeal Ofmy Love Is Your Love

R&B diva Whitney Houston is currently overseas in the midst of a European tour to support her newest album 'My Love Is Your Love,' and she's enjoying another Top 10 single in the U.S. with the reggae-inspired title track.

The song was written and produced by Wyclef Jean, who also appears alongside Houston in the video for 'My Love Is Your Love,' a song which, as Houston told MTV News, appealed to her because of its universal message.

'So [the song's] basically talking about the destruction of the world for the most part and when it all ends,' Houston said. 'When it all comes right down to it, somehow we're all intertwined, in some way or another. Every human being is intertwined.'

'So my love is your love and yours is mine,' she said, explaining the song's refrain. 'You know, 'It's going

to take eternity to break us up.' We're still here, everybody, black, white, green, yellow, we're all still loving here together. So we're doing something right, I think.' [RealVideo]

Houston is scheduled to play the Schleyerhalle in Stuttgart, Germany on October 10, and her European tour is scheduled to conclude on November 8 after a concert at London's Wembley Arena.