Who Did 'Catfish' Trez Deceive More: Tiana Or Aisha?

Who Didcatfishtrez Deceive More

The word 'deceitful' is commonly used to describe the Internet imposters who have lured in romantic hopefuls through the years on ' Catfish .' But on tonight's brand-new installment (the show's 50th episode!), a cyber fraud named Trez brought new meaning to the term by tricking not one, but two, ladies: his longtime digital crush Tiana -- who initially contacted Nev and Max for help to uncover her 'first love''s identity -- and his baby mama Aisha. Perhaps the worst part: Tiana and Aisha were dear friends.

Let's rewind before the juicy stuff: When 21-year-old Tiana met 'James' (aka Trez) three years ago on MySpace, she fell hard for him. Distance initially played a factor in meeting up (Tiana lived in Washington, while James was based in North Carolina), but even when the young mother moved to the same state as her beau, he still resisted face-to-face contact (a 'raggedy camera' was just one excuse). The mechanic's dodgy behavior was for good reason: Nev and Max quickly discovered that photos James sent to his lady were of someone else (a recording artist), and he was concealing his true persona. James, however, wasn't the only one hiding something: Tiana never told him about her daughter Journi for fear that she might lose him.

Before James agreed to finally interact with his admirer (who turned out to be only TEN minutes away by car) at a local auto shop, the MTV detectives got to know Aisha -- Tiana's longtime buddy whom she met on Facebook. T confided in A about her romantic situation -- Aisha even accompanied Tiana during the big day for moral support -- and s**t really hit the fan when James was unveiled as Trez.

'What the f**k? Are you serious?' Aisha quickly exclaimed to her baby daddy as soon as the door to the car spot opened, leaving Tiana and the guys very confused. 'Trez, really? You've been behind this the whole f**king time?!'

And while Tiana had never seen this man before (Trez claimed they met at a barbecue awhile back through Aisha), she was quick to point the finger at her BFF and her main man.

'Are y'all in on this?' Tiana asked the erstwhile couple point-blank, setting Aisha off and creating a very awkward and tense scene. While T and A insisted they weren't -- and seemed equally perplexed about the accusation -- the tarnished situation was already revealed.

Even though Tiana and Trez tried to make their relationship work IRL (Tiana claimed during a follow-up interview that it just didn't feel right), both women revealed to N and M that they were no longer in communication -- and the NC resident was clearly to blame.

Now, a big question looms: Which woman did Trez deceive more? On one hand, he conned Tiana for an extended period of time and wasn't truthful about the fact that they had supposedly interacted prior. And for several months, they were in the same state and he kept coming up with reasons why they couldn't finally unite. On the flip side, Aisha was understandably shocked that her ex would choose to interact with a close ally -- all the while behind her back. And when Trez was exposed, she made it no secret that she felt an intense personal betrayal.

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