Who Is Charles? 'Pretty Little Liars' Just Dropped A Major Bombshell

Who Is Charles Pretty Little Liarsjust Dropped Major Bombshell

Who is Charles DiLaurentis? Does he even exist? ' Pretty Little Liars ' attempted to answer these questions to no avail in season six, episode three ('Songs of Experience').

It appears that Charles, also know as Charlie, was Jason’s imaginary friend when he was younger. That is, until Jason’s dad told him that Charlie had to 'go away' and poor bb Jason 'never saw him again.' As if it was going to be that easy!

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It's not uncommon for people, especially young children, to suppress memories, so by the time Aria uncovered a childhood photo of Jason and another boy -- one neither Ali nor Spencer could identify. Could it have been Charles? Charlie Charlie?! Or, was it Andrew? Because Charles wasn't the only one with shady past; Andrew apparently had one too.

Without further ado, here are the craziest, most bats--t moments from this week's episode:

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  1. Charlie Charlie, are you there? ABC Family

    There is absolutely no way Charlie was just a figment of Jason's imagination. NO WAY. It can't be that superfluous. That boy in the photo has to be Charles. Mr. DiLaurentis is clearly lying to protect himself, and maybe Jason and Ali from major damage, but that doesn't mean he's not ready to confess his sins. At the end of the episode, Mr. D told his kids the truth about Charles -- unfortunately, that conversation happened behind close doors as the camera panned from the DiLaurentis home and -- dun, dun, dunnnn -- A was revealed to be lurking outside their window. Slow clap, show. You got us this time.

  2. Who is Andrew? ABC Family

    It's entirely possible Andrew Campbell was born Charles DiLaurentis. Thanks to Ezra's experienced sleuthing skills, we learned that Andrew was adopted. But we just don't think that's the case. Why? He was let out of jail for his alleged crimes because the prosecutor couldn't find any holes in his alibis. He told Aria that he spent those three weeks looking for the Liars. 'I was going to be the hero,' he said. Then, he promptly called the Liars 'toxic dumps' to their faces. Does that sound like A to you? Because that sounds like a kid who's upset about being locked up for no reason to us. Andrew really was trying to help the girls after all.

  3. A's games were all a lie. ABC Family

    The true nature of A's sick games were revealed, and we're relieved the girls' didn't actually hurt each other in that dollhouse. Those games he was playing? They were more like mind games. 'The point was so we thought we hurt each other,' Spencer observed, noting that when the Liars' hit the switches, no one was shocked. A must have recorded their screams and played them on a loop. It's still pretty sick, tbh. We're just happy to know they weren't in any physical pain -- just good ol' mental turmoil!