Who Is Chelsea's Ex-Husband On Raven's Home? An Investigation

Who Is Chelseas Ex Husband Ravens Home

We're so close to the July 21 premiere of Raven's Home , Disney Channel's That's So Raven spin-off, and we can't stop shouting, 'Oh, snap!' While we know a little bit about what Raven Baxter ( Raven-Symoné ) and Chelsea Daniels ( Anneliese van der Pol ) have been up to since TSR ended — and that the father of Raven's twins is Devon Carter ( Jonathan McDaniel ), her longtime boyfriend — we still don't know who Chelsea was married to before getting a divorce.

While hanging out on the set of Raven's Home with the cast last month, MTV News asked both van der Pol and

  • Sam Disney

    Remember when Chelsea briefly dated a guy ( Mike Erwin ) with the same name as her dog? Though Sam turned out to be a total tool who blew her off, maybe he's grown up since then and realized the error of his ways. Considering how Chelsea's dog was never heard from again, it's probably safe to say the name part wouldn't be weird anymore.

  • Jake Disney

    Phil Diffy ( Raviv Ullman ) from Phil of the Future ditched the 21st century to hang out at Bayside High with Chelsea, helping her fight to save Old Oaky from being cut down. Of course, he also turned out to be a tool, lying about being a vegetarian and caring about the planet. But, again, maybe Jake matured and begged Chelsea for another chance?

  • Ben Disney

    Raven's fellow psychic classmate ( Travis Van Winkle ) was probably the only guy in Chelsea's love life who didn't turn out to be a jerk. Ben had feelings for Chelsea and didn't lie to her about anything, even helping her find Rayne Bow for the vegetarian benefit.

  • One of the guys from Boyz N Motion Disney

    They may not be the smartest musicians at the concert, but Trey ( Columbus Short ), Ricky ( Michael Copon ), and J.J. ( Ryan Hansen ) were sweet guys who liked hanging out with Raven and Chelsea.

  • Ben Sturky Disney

    If Ben ( Joshua Harto ) cleaned up his act (heh, literally) then maybe Chelsea would give him the time of day. He was a kind-hearted guy, underneath all that stink.

  • Eddie Thomas Disney

    Weird, but, I mean, it's possible? Eddie's ( Orlando Brown ) role on Raven's Home , if it exists, hasn't been addressed yet.