Who Is Naughty Boy And What's With All This One Direction Drama?

Who Is Naughty Boy Whats With All This One Direction Drama

It appears that the feud between One Direction and Naughty Boy is still going strong.

One Direction were performing in Kansas City as part of their On The Road Again tour when a fan tossed a piñata on stage. NBD except for the fact that the piñata was supposedly decorated with Naughty Boy's face.

Louis then proceeded to stomp on it, Liam sat on it and Niall gave it a good punch.


Here is what the piñata may have looked like up close.


This actually shouldn't come as too big of a surprise for Directioners, because as they know, the band's relationship with Naughty Boy -- who was supposedly producing music for their former member, Zayn Malik -- has been a rocky one.

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How rocky? Well, here is a look back at the timeline of drama that has gone down between Naughty Boy, Zayn and 1D.