Who Is Uber A On Pretty Little Liars?

Who Is Uber Pretty Little Liars

No other show on television can simultaneously delight and infuriate us quite like Pretty Little Liars . Its innate ambiguity is part of its charm — or at least that's what we say to keep from crying ourselves to sleep like Ali DiLaurentis.

PLL kicked off its seventh season in typical flippant fashion, raising more questions than answers . And as per custom, I will not be able to answer any of these Rosewood inquiries with complete certainty. Pretty Little Liars , like love, is a losing g A me, one we can't help but watch because A) it's on, and B) we're in the fourth quarter and we desperately need to see how it all ends.

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  1. Is there a connection between Mary Drake and A.D.? Freeform

    Let's take a look at the evidence: She's shady as hell, she has a book that's literally all about 'mask making' in her possession, and she owns the Lost Woods Resort — a.k.a. the place where Hanna was kidnapped. Not to mention, we know she intentionally drove Ali crazy to gain financial control of the Carissimi Group. And as Charlotte's biological mother, it would make sense that she'd want revenge on whoever killed her. But that's far too obvious for PLL . The fact that nearly all the Liars are convinced that she is Uber A is pretty much all the proof you need that Mary is just a red herring in a wig. If anything, Elliot is the more probable suspect. Putting pantie-clad Hanna through all of that gross torture porn seems like his M.O.

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  2. How far back does Mary Drake go with the Hastings? Freeform

    Without a doubt, the most interesting reveal in the Season 7 premiere was that Mary Drake used to be friends with the Hastings before Jessica, her twin sister, turned everyone in Rosewood against her. It's possible that Mary Drake might know something about Spencer. After all, she seemed very interested in talking about Spencer and Melissa's resemblance. Then again, her former friendship with the Hastings might explain why Peter and Melissa seem so damn guilty of murdering Jessica. Maybe they were all working together. 'She's clearly really smart but also really scary and kind of crazy,' executive producer Charlie Craig told EW . 'That is not somebody you would turn your back on if you were in a room with her.'

    OK, but you could say that about every character on this show. What makes Mary Drake any different?

  3. Is Hanna safe with Mary Drake?

    Hell no. See above. Mary Drake may have picked her up off the side of the road, but there's no way she's safe. Riding in cars with creepy strangers is still highly dangerous. Then there's the flash-forward at the beginning of the episode, which showed Spencer, Aria, and Emily digging a grave, so it's still a possibility that that grave could be for Hanna. ( Not really .) That being said, if Mary Drake isn't A.D., then what would she want with Hanna? Maybe she's lonely. Or maybe she has something even more sinister planned ... like mask making! Run, Hanna, run.

  4. Who killed Charlotte?

    It's not Ali. There's just no way Ali killed Charlotte. If anything, that's been planted in her subconscious by her husband, who tricked her into marriage only to keep her drugged up and barely alive in a mental hospital. Sad! Mary Drake and Elliot seem like obvious suspects. They have a motive — financial control over Charlotte's assets — and they have the resources. But still, that seems too easy. Let's be real: It was probably Melissa in the dining room with the candlestick.

  5. Are Mary Drake and Elliot on the same side?

    Throughout the episode, we got the feeling that maybe Elliot wasn't as loyal to Mary Drake as we thought. We know Mary Drake called Elliot at the Hollis Bar & Grill — unless it was Wren — because the Liars heard a British accent, but that doesn't mean he isn't working for A.D. on the side. There was something about the way he plunged that syringe into Ali's vein that just felt plain evil and A-like. 'They have an agenda, but there is also a division developing between them, which gives us two different people to think and worry about,' Craig told The Hollywood Reporter . 'There will be some divisions between them.'

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  6. Why is Spencer tolerating Caleb's shit? Freeform

    Listen, I love Caleb, but he's too busy thinking with his dick to be even a remotely tolerable character right now. We know he feels guilty for leading Hanna to a trap, but does he have to treat Spencer, his girlfriend, like crap because he's feeling things for his ex in crisis? He wants to be Hanna's savior, but he's really acting like a testosterone-fueled jerk. Spencer is way too smart to deal with this poor display of masculinity. If he really loves Hanna, then he should tell Spencer and save her the heartbreak. Do better, Caleb.