Who Is Varjak On 'Pretty Little Liars?' Ezria Fans Are Not Going To Like Our Theory

Who Is Varjak Onpretty Little Liars

Orange is so not Hanna Marin's color on ' Pretty Little Liars .'

On last night's (March 3) episode of 'PLL,' Hanna was arrested as an accomplice in Mona's murder. It seems the evidence 'A' had been saving for a rainy day finally came into play when Detective Tanner found Hanna's blood on Mona's own bloody clothes. With the evidence stacked against Ali and Hanna, will 'A' try to bring the rest of the Liars down with them? Or will Aria, Emily and Spencer find the elusive Varjak in time to blow the case wide open?

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With only three episodes left until the ' unsettling ' season finale, the 'Pretty Little Liars' crazy train is running full steam ahead. Here are seven burning questions from last night's episode:

  1. Who is Varjak? ABC Family

    When Aria and Hanna went to visit Cyrus in the hospital, the badly burned villain could only write the 'Varjack' on a piece of paper. This is clearly a reference to 'Breakfast at Tiffany's.' When Ali was planning on skipping the country, she used Holly Varjak as the pseudonym on her fake passport after Ezra once compared her to Holly Golightly. This apparently catalyzed Ali's fascination with the persona. Could Varjack -- the male lead in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' -- be Ezra? That would be seriously effed up. Whoever Varjak is, he/she hired Cyrus to ruin Ali's alibi the night of Mona's murder, which means Varjak could easily be 'A.'

    In last night's episode, Em, Aria and Ezra took a trip to what was presumably Varjak's creepy cabin in the woods. Emily was the only one who actually made it into the estate because, LOL, Aria can't run. Ezria then split up to 'cover' more ground outside of the estate, but what if Ezra then slipped on his black hoodie to do some 'A' business? Plus, Ezra presumably knew about Hanna's plan to come clean to the police because he was with Aria and Emily when it all went down. So he could have wiped all of the Liars' phones without them even knowing. Sorry, Ezria fans. We're standing by our theory.

  2. Will the Liars find a way to clear Hanna's name? ABC Family

    The Liars seem to think finding Varjak will clear Ali and Hanna's names, but nothing on 'PLL' is ever that easy. But 'A' is far to clever to let that happen, right? Our guess is that Mike Montgomery will come forward to tell Tanner what he knows about Mona's death. However, if Cyrus's health continues to deteriorate in the ICU, we wonder what good Mike's confession will do.

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  3. Is Ashley Marin in danger? ABC Family

    Now that mama Marin knows a bit about the 'A' game, we have to wonder if she's next on 'A''s hit list. Ashley is going to do whatever it takes to get Hanna out of prison, and that's probably going to put her in danger. That being said, we'd love to see a parent on #TeamLiars.

  4. How did 'A' know when to clear everyone's phone? ABC Family

    We know 'A' has been tracking the Liars' every move for years now, but lately, it's starting to look like 'A' is on the inside. In 'To Plea or Not to Plea,' Caleb convinced Hanna to come clean to Detective Tanner and tell her all about the 'A' game -- the daily harassment, the storage unit incident, the lies, etc. But before Hanna had a chance to come clean, 'A' conveniently hacked into her cell phone and deleted ALL OF HER TEXT MESSAGES. (This is why you never, EVER trust the Cloud.) Then, 'A' did the same to Aria and Emily's phones. Either 'A' put a bug on Hanna (which he/she has done before) and knew about Haleb's Hail Mary, or 'A' was on the inside. And it is way more fun to assume 'A' is in the Liars' inner circle.

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  5. What else is Melissa hiding? ABC Family

    Melissa really didn't want Spencer to leave London. This further proved that Melissa Hastings knows a hell of a lot more about the 'A' game than she told Spencer. 'You never know what you're capable of until you're in a situation,' she told Spencer in last night's episode. 'Doing something wrong can seem like the right thing when you’re trying to protect someone you love.' She was presumably talking about Bethany Young's inadvertent murder, but could this be foreshadowing of a reveal yet to come? Yes, of course it is!

  6. Will Mike come forward with what he knows? ABC Family

    Ali and Hanna's fate may all come down to mini Montgomery. If he comes forward with what he knows about Ali's whereabout on the day of Mona's murder, it may not be enough evidence to free Ali and Hanna, but it might lead Tanner on the right path. That being said, Mike's confession would also put him in immediate danger. 'A' has already tried to kill him once, so Mike needs be careful -- and maybe hire Caleb as a bodyguard or something. (Note: we have a terrible feeling something will happen to Mike in the season finale because Cody Christian has joined the upcoming season of 'Teen Wolf.')

  7. Will Ali tell Hanna the truth in prison? ABC Family

    Pretty girls need to stick together in prison, and even though Hanna is super effing mad at Ali now -- and she has every right to be -- she's going to need an ally behind bars. And maybe once Ali tells Hanna she didn't take the plea, that will open the door for more truth-telling. After all, Ali is the Holder of Secrets in Rosewood.