Who Should Love Lucy In The New Lucille Ball Biopic?

Who Should Love Lucy New Lucille Ball Biopic

Classic television's original comedienne is getting her very own biographical feature film -- and we've got some 'splainin casting to do.

According to The Hollywood Reporter , Cate Blanchett is already on board to play Lucille Ball in the authorized biopic, with Aaron Sorkin tentatively attached as scriptwriter.

Ball was the brains behind the classic TV sitcom 'I Love Lucy,' on which she starred with real-life husband Desi Arnaz, and ultimately became the first woman ever to run a major television studio. And with Blanchett in its starring role, this biopic is already a big deal -- which means it really needs the right guy in the role of Ball's leading man. Which actor has the chops to love Lucy? We've rounded up a few potential picks.

  • John Leguizamo

    Desi Arnaz was a formidable showman with impeccable presence and perfect comic timing -- and John Leguizamo is Desi Arnaz reincarnated, basically.

  • Nestor Carbonell

    It's been way too long since we saw Nestor and his incredible, all-natural guy-liner on the big screen. He's the Desi Arnaz we need and deserve.

  • Benjamin Bratt

    Can Benjamin Bratt straddle the line between the serious drama of a biopic and the straight-man role in an absurdist comedy? Um, have you seen 'Miss Congeniality'?

  • René Lavan

    Lavan is already a core cast member on Nick's 'Every Witch Way,' and that's great! But a meaty role in the Lucille Ball biopic would give him a chance to spread his wings a bit.

  • Benicio Del Toro

    Benicio seems to gravitate toward bad-guy roles these days, but that just means he could bring a certain edge to his onscreen marriage with Blanchett's Lucy -- a relationship which was actually pretty tumultuous and troubled in real life.

  • William Levy

    Levy is younger than the other men on our list (and than his would-be costar), but then again, Desi Arnaz was six years Lucy's junior. Also, I mean... just look at him.