Who Should Play The Demonic Talking Objects In 'Beauty And The Beast'?

Who Should Play Demonic Talking Objects Inbeauty

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We have our Beauty in Emma Watson , our Beast in Dan Stevens , and our musclebound antagonist Gaston in Luke Evans .

But there's still something missing from the live-action remake of ' Beauty and the Beast ': The horde of enchanted objects who live in the Beast's stately castle and give him much-needed advice on how to be less of a jerk, more of a gentleman.

If you've seen the original animated version of the movie, you know that this supporting cast of characters is vitally important. There's Lumiere, the romantic (and occasionally lecherous) candlestick; Wadsworth, the tightly-wound clock; Mrs. Potts, the matronly teapot; Chip, her slightly damaged china progeny; and a feather duster who occasionally shows up to tantalize her candlestick paramour (revealed to be named 'Fifi' in a direct-to-DVD sequel.)

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No announcements have been made yet as to who will play the Beast's castle cohorts, but we've rounded up a list of likely suspects.

  1. Sacha Baron Cohen as Lumiere

    Now that we know he can do musicals (he was fabulous as the sleazy innkeeper in 'Les Miserables'), Sacha Baron Cohen is the obvious must-have for the role of the flirtatious candlestick.

  2. Martin Freeman as Cogsworth

    It would be just like playing Bilbo Baggins, just without the huge prosthetic feet.

  3. Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts

    Rumor has it that Thompson is already in line for this role, but that doesn't make it any less perfect -- especially if you imagine Mrs. Potts filling her carafe with something a little stronger than tea.

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  4. Eddie Redmayne as Chip

    Redmayne was reportedly offered the role of the Beast but turned it down, probably because he was holding out for the chance to play a talking teacup. He also probably said 'No' just like this.

  5. Alexandra Breckenridge as Fifi