Who Should Play Tinker Bell’s Squad In Her Upcoming Solo Movie?

Who Should Play Tinker Bell S Squad Her Upcoming Solo Movie

After years of playing second fiddle to her boyish companion Peter Pan, Tinker Bell's finally getting a solo live-action film, in the vein of Disney's previous lady-centric origin story 'Maleficent.'

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But wait, it gets better! Reese Witherspoon's been cast as the titular twinkling fairy , which is basically the most perfect idea EVER.

But who else will join Witherspoon in the cast? Tink doesn't have a gang of Lost Boys to back her up in her adventures around Neverland, but in the animated 'Disney Fairies' series of movies, she DOES have a squad of gal pals to hang with.

Given how frustratingly rare it is to see all-female casts in Hollywood and how well woman-driven films like 'Mad Mad: Fury Road' and 'Pitch Perfect 2' are doing right now, it would be amazing if these fabulous fairies got the live-action treatment just like Tinker Bell -- and here's who we think should play them:

  1. Iridessa: Kerry Washington Disney/Getty Images

    As we know from 'Django Unchained,' Washington has no problem playing the sweet ingenue role -- only as the lightheared Iridessa, she'd get to have a little more fun being bright and bubbly.

  2. Silvermist: Lucy Liu Disney/Getty Images

    Sure, being a fairy would be kind of a downgrade for Liu, who is already the Supreme Empress of the Universe in our hearts. But come on, she's perfect for it. She can take time out of her busy day of being the best person ever to put on a pair of wings.

  3. Rosetta: Christina Hendricks Disney/Getty Images

    Hendricks has actually been in the animated Tinker Bell movies before, as Zarina the Pirate Fairy. For a live-action film, we'd love to see her take on the feminine garden fairy Rosetta, who's basically a gentler version of Joan Holloway but with a Southern accent -- perfect for an actress who grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee!

  4. Fawn: Jennifer Lawrence Disney/Lionsgate

    J-Law's experience as a braid-wearing badass would definitely lend itself well to Fawn, the animal-lover and tomboy of Tink's friend circle.

  5. Vidia: Natalie Dormer Disney/Getty Images

    Haughty and secretive, Vidia first started out as an antagonist to Tinker Bell before the two worked out their differences. Dormer's played plenty of conniving characters in the past, so this would be a great fit for her.

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