Who Was Lydia's 'Teen Wolf' Savior: Parrish Or Stiles?

Who Was Lydias Teen Wolfsavior

FINALLY! It was a long time coming (like, 15 entire ' Teen Wolf ' episodes), but as of this week, Lydia Martin has been saved from that hellhole they call a hospital.

Buh-bye, hand drills. See ya later, electroshock therapy. Sayonara, straitjackets. And Dr. Valack? Good riddance to you, sir. (How brilliant that the one thing he truly coveted finally blew his head off? Bravo, 'Wolf' writers!)

Our banshee is back where she belongs — in Scott's pack, Stiles' arms and Parrish's thoughts — but who was the bigger hero in Operation Save Lydia? Let's discuss:

  • Parrish

    The deputy originally rescued Lydia after Theo left her in the woods to die. Fast-forward to Eichen House, and Parrish battled multiple chimeras before being impaled with a pipe. We swear, Theo is always causing trouble with metal objects . Naturally, Parrish is fine (he is a hellhound, after all), and while it was Stiles who scooped Lydia up off the torture table, it was Parrish who saved the banshee from her own screams. The same earth-shattering screams that murdered Dr. Valack and threatened to wipe out all of Beacon Hills -- Scott & Co. included.

  • Stiles

    Meanwhile, the ever-so-ordinary Stiles was regaled to searching for his friend in the tunnels beneath Eichen House with a bad guy who smelled like feces. Stiles may not have superpowers, but he does have smarts — it was he who suggested breaking the pipe to better determine Lydia's location. And success! Cue the most romantic line in the history of ever: 'Lydia, please shut up and let me save your life.'

While it was Lydia who credited Stiles with her rescue ('He saved my life, Mom. Stiles saved me.'), Parrish played a part. They certainly have their own strengths, but who was the bigger banshee-saving hero? Leave your thoughts below, and catch a new episode (healthy Lydia, and all) this Tuesday at 9/8c!