Whose Leg Is in the 'The Graduate' Poster? Not Anne Bancroft's!

Whose Leg Is Thethe Graduateposter

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It took almost half a century, but the rightful owner of that iconic 'The Graduate' poster lady stem has stepped forward ... with both feet.

While everyone assumed Mrs. Robinson herself, Anne Bancroft , was responsible for making Dustin Hoffman 's virginal Benny boy look so coo, coo, ca-choo conflicted in the infamous 1967 film image, 72-year-old 'Dallas' star Linda Gray now claims it was her who seduced the movie-going public with one glipse of that ultra-sheer hosiery so long ago.

Gray appeared on Anderson Cooper's talk show this week to chat about her recently revived television series and said that before she settled into her long-running acting career, her early days in show-business were spent modeling. For her, the 'Graduate' poster gig was a pretty lucrative one, considering.

'I think she was absent that day,' Gray said of replacing Bancroft for the photo shoot. 'I got paid twenty-five dollars. One leg, that was pretty good!' By our math, she would've been about 27 when the shot was taken.

'Dallas' co-star Patrick Duffy looked intrigued by the news himself and joked, 'I'll give you 50 for that leg.' Second that!