Whose 'Catfish' Story Do You Believe: Andria's Or Christina's?

Whosecatfishstory Do You Believe

When it comes to any type of relationship (platonic, romantic or otherwise), the only people who know the entire story are the two people who are bonded together -- and during tonight's episode of ' Catfish ,' Andria and her longtime online companion 'David' (who was later unveiled as Christina) had very different interpretations about the feelings between them for nearly a decade. What transpired was a bonafide 'she said, she said' scenario, but whose fishy tale do you believe?

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Before we ask some more in-depth questions about this specific scenario, a bit of background: A confused Andria initially sought out Nev and Max 's help to finally learn the truth about her digital pal, whom she met on a social media website called Bebo when she 12 years old. Through the years, the two communicated extensively -- and even discussed getting married and starting a family -- but never interacted face-to-face. After a series of failed meet-up attempts and a botched move to Chicago in order to live near David, Andria threatened to put her beau on the MTV series in order to get some answers. That's when David dropped a bombshell via text message: David was really a female who went by the nickname Geo. To further solidify the point, Geo sent along her driver's license (with her real name, Christina) and a 'sorry Andria' sign.

'I don't feel like I've been talking to a woman,' an adamant Andria told the MTV guys, just before playing some old voicemails. 'The person I've been talking to sounds like a dude.'

But N and M weren't so convinced that the recording was definitely that of a male -- and their super-sleuthing skills quickly confirmed that David was indeed Geo/Christina. When the detectives showed their findings, Andria was understandably upset and frustrated and even admitted through her tears that she 'never told lies.' Or did she?

When A finally faced C in the Windy City, things didn't go as expected. Not long after Christina admitted everything began as a ' bet' on the website, she insisted that she was never in love with Andria despite her emotional words and a seemingly heartfelt letter. But the real kicker: She accused A of not being entirely honest herself.

'She has to come back down to reality, and she has to sit up there and be real,' Christina stated on the phone the day after the contentious meetup. 'She faked it for eight years, I faked it for 10 years. I didn't do nothin' that she didn't do. She was wrong also.'

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Andria defended herself to the skeptical duo -- and explained that she made a MySpace page with her name, but used images of someone else, in order to friend 'David.' When asked why, Andria mustered up a simple 'I don't know.' However, when pressed if she sent fake photographs to Christina, A insisted she was truthful about her identity and only sent snaps of herself.

A later sit-down resolved no longstanding issues -- and further confirmed to Max that Christina was manipulative and untrustworthy. And during the catch-up several months later, both women offered up different accounts of their current status: Andria dished that Christina had apologized for her behavior during the show via a long text message, while C said that had not been in contact since filming ended.

So, who do you believe? On one hand, Andria seemed genuinely invested in the longtime connection, but she wasn't entirely forthcoming about the fake profile. On the flip side, Christina was no doubt lying about her real persona by posing as a male, but she repeatedly stated that Andria was 'faking it' through the years. Take our poll, share your thoughts in the comments, and keep watching 'Catfish' every Wednesday at 10/9c.