Why Are The Academy Awards Called The Oscars?

Why Are Academy Awards Called Oscars


With reporting by Josh Horowitz

The 88th Academy Awards were Sunday night (February 28), and before the big show, MTV News correspondent Josh Horowitz caught up with all the stars on the red carpet. Turns out even Oscar nominees have the same question you've been puzzling over: Who the hell is Oscar? And why are the Academy Awards known as the Oscars?

Many celebs, including the always delightful Daisy Ridley from Star Wars , joked that her co-star Oscar Isaac had something to do with it.

'Oscar's a man you want in your bedroom at night,' Whoopi Goldberg said, laughing.

Brooklyn star and Best Actress nominee Saoirse Ronan came the closest with her guess: 'I remember there's something to do with a library.'

Ding ding ding, we have a winner! Rumor has it that Margaret Herrick , the Academy's librarian and later executive director, thought the gold statuette looked like her Uncle Oscar. The name stuck and became the official Academy Awards nickname in 1939 , a decade after the very first awards show in 1929 . Now you know!