Why Does Peter Hale Want 'Teen Wolf' Scott McCall Dead?

Why Does Peter Hale Wantteen Wolfscott Mccall Dead

If you were ready to storm Beacon Hills -- armed with pitchforks and torches -- to take down Meredith The Benefactor after last week's ' Teen Wolf ' episode , you might want to pause and reconsider.

Tonight, while Malia and Stiles tore apart Lydia 's lake house to find clues about how to stop the hit list's cash flow, Lydia tried to understand the dead pool's origin from the horse's mouth. But Meredith said there was only one person with whom she wanted to speak -- Peter Hale -- and when the former alpha wolf arrived at the police station, Meredith claimed it was he who'd set the assassins in motion. Huhhh?

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Apparently, some time earlier, Peter and Meredith were both at the hospital at the same time -- he was in a coma while recovering from severe burns, and she was temporarily vegetative after listening to the record player at Lydia's lake house -- and Meredith's sensitive banshee hearing acted as a sponge for Peter's subconscious ranting. While he was asleep, his deranged mind tossed around ideas about eliminating the town's entire supernatural population. And a paralyzed Meredith, who had no choice but to listen, took his jumbled thoughts as concrete direction. Eventually, she made his perverse fever-dream a reality.

Thankfully, Stiles and Malia found the dead pool's mainframe behind a wall in the lake house's study and were able to turn it off and (FINALLY!) freeze The Benefactor's money, effectively stopping the assassins in their tracks. Apparently, though, Scott McCall still wasn't safe, because in a secret meeting with Kate Argent -- who was still hiding out underground -- Peter confessed he still had every intention of killing the Alpha Wolf. WHAT?! WHY?!

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OK, so, in fairness, Scott once lit Peter on fire (in defense!) -- could Peter still be holding a grudge? Or does the former alpha wolf want to take out True Alpha Scott to reclaim his standing as top dog? Share your thoughts, and catch an encore of tonight's episode tomorrow at 10/9c!