Why Is Beyoncé Running?

Why Is Beyonc Running

Cue the 'Who run the world?' jokes. Beyoncé was snapped running out of a studio in New York City's Times Square area on Wednesday. I'm guessing that she's trying to rush past the paparazzi, but given that a) she's Beyoncé, b) she's Beyoncé, and c) she's Beyoncé, these pics have meme potential.

Photogs caught Bey looking quite animated as she jetted from the building in jeans and Converse.

parcerias full house à noite
Splash Splash Splash

Fans are going to have fun with this.

Is she running to the VMAs, where's she nominated for Video Of The Year?


Is she running to make her next album?


Is she running to escape an exploding studio?


Who knows? Give us your theories in the comments!