Why Thea Queen Should Totally Be Star City’s Number One Vigilante

Why Thea Queen Should Totally Be Star City S Number One Vigilante

On last week's season four premiere of ' Arrow ,' viewers finally got a glimpse of a Starling City without its OG vigilante, the Arrow ( Stephen Amell ). Naturally he returned by the end of the episode, but still -- after a rough season three filled with murky League of Assassin plot waters and enough Oliver Queen baggage to drive Felicity (Emily Bett) to tears approximately 17 times, it was refreshing to watch a gaggle of vigilantes who actually seemed to enjoy the whole crime-fighting business, while Oliver got his kicks nailing the perfect soufflé.

And while we're 100 percent sure that Oliver won't be putting down his quiver anytime soon, we have a pretty solid suggestion for his replacement once he finally realizes that vigilante life isn't for everyone: his very own (half)sister, Thea Queen ( Willa Holland ). Here's why:

  • Because she was trained by the best of the best. Dean Buscher /The CW

    Who better to keep Starling City safe than a woman who was trained by its once (and probably future) biggest threat, the League of Assassins? Specifically Ra's al Ghul himself, Malcolm Merlyn, who gifted Thea with both his DNA (oops) and his special talents when it comes to self-defense, butt-kicking, and stealthily appearing in rooms mid-conversation without anybody else noticing.

    Seriously though, no shade to Laurel Lance (OK, yes, shade to Laurel Lance), but the Canary's LivingSocial coupon for boxing lessons can't exactly compete with Thea's hands-on training by one of the most brutal killers in the entire world. Star City needs a new vigilante with Damien Darhk around, and we just so happen to think that the woman with the physical and mental training from the League is just the right Arrow for the job.

  • Because she can handle the hard stuff, just like Oliver... Dean Buscher /The CW

    Daddy issues? Handled. Messy and complicated love life? Definitely handled... for now. Battle with the League? Handled... with a little bit of help from The Flash, but even Oliver relies on the Speedster for assistance now and then.

    Thea's evolution from capable but under-appreciated teen to wise beyond her years adult has been one of the greatest joys of 'Arrow,' and one could definitely argue that the youngest Queen has kept her sh-t together throughout life's many obstacles in ways that Oliver and Laurel have not. (Diggle is pretty solid as well, but the whole 'wife and baby' thing makes his vigilante future understandably questionable.)

    Basically, when it comes to saving this city, we'd trust the lady whose kept her cool -- and continued to put others before herself -- throughout the death of a parent, the deception of a boyfriend, a brother, and a father, and multiple terrorist attacks over anybody else in Star City. What can we say, we're just suckers for capable and relatable female badasses on television!

  • ... But she doesn't carry any of his heavy emotional baggage. Katie Yu /The CW

    Bottom line, Oliver Queen entered this whole vigilante game to settle a score that began with his father... and he keeps on keeping on out of a sense of responsibility to his city, his family, and his friends. But as we saw in last week's season premiere, Oliver might be far better suited for a life of suburban solitude than a life of vigilanteism. Sure, Thea hasn't lost anybody of Tommy or Moira's caliber during her time as the Red Arrow, but we'd still argue that her tenacity and Malcom Merlyn's genes would make her even better equipped at handling these major losses than Oliver.

    And wouldn't the city be better served by a vigilante who still believes in justice and heroism than one who has journeyed so far into the heart of darkness that we feel like we might lose him every time he puts on the hood? One who understands that what they're doing is life and death, but also realizes how totally fun and awesome it is to be a superhero? This balance works perfectly for the Flash, and we're pretty sure Thea could handle the juxtaposition of killing killers and having fun, too.

  • Because, well, just LOOK AT HER.

    Oliver's gotta be feeling pretty green after seeing how fly his baby sister looks rocking his signature style.

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