'Wii Fit' Underwear Girl Speaks: Why She Did It, Almost Getting Sued And What Her Mom Thinks

Wii Fitunderwear Girl Speaks

Lauren Bernat swears she didn't know her boyfriend was taping her when she was doing the ' Wii Fit ' hula in her underwear.

In fact, the 25 year-old Florida native, now dubbed the 'Wii Fit girl,' claimed she 'cried her eyes out' when she learned that her boyfriend, Giovanny Gutierrez , posted TRL appearance yesterday afternoon. 'I swear I had no idea he was [recording] it.'

What was especially terrible for Bernat was how she discovered the video's existence in the first place. The next day after Gutierrez posted the clip (it had already gotten 20,000 hits by then), Bernat, who works at an ad agency, allegedly heard her boss listening to the familiar music of 'Wii Fit.' She walked into his office to see what he was doing, and it turned out he was watching the video on YouTube. 'I froze, I ran out, and I called Gio. I was furious!' she said.

Por que Dom trai sua família?

'I went through a range of emotions,' she continued. 'I was screaming at him on the phone. Then I started crying and I called my mom, and she calmed me down. She said, 'Well, how can we look at this in a positive way?' and 'One day you're going to look back and laugh at all of this.''

But the consoling may not have been entirely sincere on Mrs. Bernat's part. Guterriez said, 'Then her mom called me up and said, 'How can we make money off of this?'' Having experience creating viral videos (he's also employed at the same ad agency working in the digital department), Gutierrez said he just decided to put the video up on a lark. 'I saw her working out on it, and I was like 'Damn, that looks really good,'' he said, laughing. 'I wouldn't have done it if she was in a thong or something. I think it's innocent and cute.'

However, he didn't think she'd be that upset about it so he took the video down for a few hours, but then put it back up with her blessing. Not only did Bernat receive support from family and friends, but she also wanted to encourage her boyfriend's passion for the Web. 'You know, working on [the Internet] is his life; he lives and breathes this,' she said. 'I'm always telling him 'You gotta do something big on the Internet.' But I didn't think he'd use me to be big on the Internet. So it kind of bit me in the butt.'

Regardless, Bernat's behind is indeed what has made the pair YouTube celebrities. Since the video was posted on May 25, it's been viewed nearly 4 million times. Bernat's gyrating backside has also inspired a few parody videos, and Playboy has even made their own 'Wii Fit' exercise clips featuring scantily-clad models. 'We totally didn't expect this; it just shows you the power of the Internet,' she said. 'I have over 500 Facebook friend requests.'

But the couple has also learned Internet fame isn't all it's cracked up to be; the video might get them into some legal trouble. Recently, Fox News interviewed a 22 year-old librarian from Long Island, New York who has the same legal name as Bernat. In the interview, the other Lauren Bernat, who wouldn't show her face, said she doesn't want to be mistaken for the 'Wii Fit girl' and is worried that she might not be able to find a job because of the name confusion. 'She contacted Google, she contacted everyone, but sorry, that's her real name, too,' Gutierrez said. 'We just ignore her; we have a lawyer, and he said there's just no case.'

While Gutierrez and Bernat's stunt has gotten them a lot of attention, they maintained that they were not in cahoots with Nintendo in any way. The fact that the pair works at the same ad agency caused people to think that Nintendo was one of their clients. 'I wish Nintendo would contact us,' Gutierrez said. As a self-proclaimed hardcore gamer, he would love to work with the company. Meanwhile, Bernat doesn't play as much, but she does enjoy the Wii and games like ' Rock Band ,' ' Guitar Hero ' and ' X-Men Legends .' (And no, she hasn't played any other games in her underwear -- I asked.)

'Overall, the whole experience has been so overwhelming,' Bernat explained. 'I know over three million people have seen my butt shake but being asked to do it live on television on MTV -- it was a such surreal experience.'

So what's next for 'Wii Fit girl'? Are we going to see more pantsless videos of Bernat doing yoga or aerobics? 'I have an idea or two, but it's going to be tough to top this one,' Gutierrez said.

As for Bernat, she wasn't quite sure if she was going to star in any more videos. 'It depends on what it is,' she said. 'I think it's better to catch it candid.'

If that's the case, she better watch her back.